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Where the answers to your health begins...

Restoring your Health with a Natural Approach

The Help You Need

Are your health issues a mystery and you're feeling alone, wondering "Why am I so different?"

​​Are you frustrated with being bounced around from specialist to specialist and not getting any answers?   

We hear you. The truth is there is no one else like you, so we need to dive deeper into your specific symptoms and health history to help reveal why you aren't feeling as great as you should be.


We can help clear up the mystery of what's really going on within your body and help you discover the root causes that most doctors aren't addressing.


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How we help you

How We Help You

We can help with

Herb Plants

What is actually causing your digestive discomfort?  Is it what you eat? A food sensitivity?  Or is it something else altogether?


If you are relying on stimulating products just to get you through the day, we can help you uncover the reason why you feel so tired. 


With the bombardment of toxins and chemicals in today's world, a safe and established detox protocol is needed for everyone.


If you are in a state of constant stress, it is not serving you emotionally nor physically.  We can help you manage these negative feelings through our Emotional Coaching sessions.

Aches & Pains

If you are getting little relief from your current protocols,  let's look into what may be triggering your discomfort in the first place.   

Preventative Care

Are you already taking great care of yourself, have few or no symptoms and would like to keep it that way?   Take advantage of the protocols we have in place for health maintenance.



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Which program is right for you?

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(661) 823 4430

Location:  Tehachapi, 93561, CA

What Clients Say

"I am sleeping better and no longer get leg cramps at night.

Thanks to Joanna, my overall health has come a long way since working with her."


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